Towards Zero - The safest roads in the world

Introduced on January 28, 2016, Canada’s Road Safety Strategy (RSS) 2025 provides road safety professionals, road safety stakeholders and the Canadian public with information on effective road safety strategies, initiatives and countermeasures.

Each year in Canada, over 1,800 people are killed and over 150,000 are injured (approximately 10,000 seriously) while using our road transportation system, and costs society $37 billion annually1.  Making improvements to our road system of users, infrastructure and vehicles can reduce the number of Canadians that will die or be injured on our roads.

You are invited to "Rethink Road Safety” to help CCMTA achieve the vision of making Canada’s roads the safest in the world.

1 Transport Canada, 2015 Draft Report on the Social Costs of Collisions in Canada, 1996-2012